Top Reasons To Choose Baremetal Dedicated Servers

baremetal dedicated servers

Probably, you have heard it supposed that bare metal dedicated hosting is available for companies that have ‘made it big’ or ‘arrived’. But, you should know that this hosting is somewhat costly. How do you recognize if you want a bare metal dedicated server?

Quick response: In case your site generates enough amount of traffic and you don’t wish any of your clients to wait, you want a bare metal dedicated server. Keep in mind, reports show that a user to your site waits for approx 7 seconds when they click out of your website. Thus, you want speed. In case you use of VPS or shared web hosting, you can face problems of temporary download. But it is not happened with bare metal dedicated hosting. In case your business completely depends on almost 100% up-time, you can use service of a baremetal dedicated servers.

Enough control: In case you have the technical knowledge and the zeal to customize and install your own apps online, you are better off utilizing services of bare metal dedicated server. These servers permit you to independently run your website. In VPS and shared hosting, there can be possibilities for web server to crash at the possible times. Mostly, even a bad written script can crash the server. In case the trade-off is enough and you actually want to spend some extra money to keep afloat your business, you can choose best dedicated server hosting germany.

Protection: The greatest possible risk of shared web hosting is sharing similar IP address with any others on your web server. In case some of these businesses are blocked for spamming or any other illegal activities, your site will even suffer. It means you will lose your business and you have a poor status for a crime you have not committed. Likewise any data stored on a dedicated web server is safe than that resting on the platform of shared severs. Nobody can hack into a bare metal dedicated server. Thus, you get pleasure from utmost security with this type of hosting.

Here are some important features of bare metal server:

Options of Multiple Configuration

  • Choose from a lot of configuration options planned to meet uniuqe compute requirements.
  • Famous operating systems to use are: Windows Server, Datacenter and Standard Editions, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu

Connectivity and Security

  • Provisional servers with advanced firewall
  • Highly encrypted local storage segregates and keeps secure data.