Bare metal servers: An ideal way to manage the cloud


We live in a world dominated by technology, in which thousands of websites are created every day around the globe, and where the virtual world expands at an impressive speed. However, all data in the virtual world needs to be stored somewhere, and when we are creators of a website we always ask ourselves, what is the best hosting solution for us? Below mentioned are few of the options that you can choose as per your needs and requirements.

Shared hosting

Sharing a server is one of the most common practices in the virtual world, especially when it comes to web platforms of starters, small companies or personal brands.

In shared hosting, the data and platforms of many sites are placed on the same server, which usually has an excellent offer in terms of cost-benefit, since your domain is secure, but also the amount of money you invest is not excessive.

Companies that offer these services usually have excellent security systems, with firewalls and protection programs on the same server, so that none of the users can access another’s account. Another advantage is that, generally, hosting on these baremetal dedicated servers are very simple to configure, which allows non-experts in a programming language to establish your site.

Dedicated hosting

In this case, a single server is used to host the data and platforms of a single user. This type of service usually goes hand in hand with a significant monetary cost, however, it guarantees optimal performance, with an ideal processing power if your website needs immediate loading and response periods, or if you have different sites.

With cheap dedicated hosting, you can allow the design of codes that allow you to create sites to suit you, and add applications or programs, if you wish, as well as have multiple IP addresses.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

This type of accommodation is a bit complex to understand. It is a private virtual server (VPS), which stores data in the virtual world, but shares its resources with one or several physical machines. This allows you to make use of different processors and much wider storage space. These resources are made available to you at the time you request it, up to a point because it is also a service shared with other users, and the costs are generally accessible, although its programming language is usually quite complex.

Bare metal servers: The best of both worlds?


Bare metal servers are probably the best option available in terms of storage and management of other hardware. While they are not completely new, current devices are a hybrid that combines the best parts of dedicated hardware and cloud technology, providing greater profitability and performance.

These servers are physical and also work with a single tenant or user, with exclusive dedication, which differentiates them from common servers or the cloud. They are designed to process data in significant quantities but the short term. The data can be stored, processed or analyzed on a server for as long as necessary, once they have finished the task they can be closed, avoiding the waste of resources.

Bare metal = Better performance: Bare metal servers offer higher performance since only a small portion of memory and CPU is responsible for managing storage hardware and other resources.

It is important to note that while these servers are similar to baremetal dedicated servers, they vary in that they can be used for the necessary time, so the costs are considerably reduced. This option is ideal for anyone, but especially for those who need to perform intensive data processing in a short period.

Bare metal as a hybrid: Bare metal servers stand out when combined with a traditional cloud infrastructure. If you already have a cluster of virtual machines hosting your website, for example, you can link your bare metal server to your virtual machines and make them work together.

Another benefit of bare metal is safety. The risk of breaking regulatory compliance in an environment with multiple tenants was the main reason why security-sensitive organizations were originally reluctant to transfer their data to the cloud. But with bare metal servers, it is possible to implement the physical segregation of resources and thus isolate their operations.

So, you can see that the VMs are considered as the great option for some things and bare-metal servers are considered to be great for others. At times, those reasons are based on technology and sometimes on finances.

The type of best dedicated server hosting germany choose will ultimately be reduced the budget, the amount of control you need and the unique needs of the server and website. Choose the server that best suits your needs and is within your price range, but has the flexibility to expand when the time comes.